Holzart Würth Petersbächel
Holzart Würth Petersbächel
Holzart Würth Petersbächel
Holzart Würth Petersbächel


Erwin Würth’s HolzArt is his personal way of protest against the throwaway mentality and the ambiguities in society. With his wooden works of art he wants to show us a new possibility of how to take care for god’s creation.


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About us

Erwin Würth

Born in 1964 in Landau / Pfalz (south-west Germany), married, two daughters

Carpenter by profession with additional training in special education

Works part time as socio-educational instructor in a workshop for mentally disturbed people

Dealing with wooden material has been his love and one of his greatest interests since childhood

The vital spark which led to the discovery of his artistic talent was a vacation on the coast of Denmark in 1991. There, he put together wooden stranded goods for the first time, thus playfully creating a piece of art. That way, thrown-away things are "revived" again.

Since 1992, his works were displayed in many national and international exhibitions.

The creative work "HolzArt" by Erwin Würth can be visited in his Atelier in the village of Petersbächel on an exhibition area which spans 200 m². It was opened in 2009.

The objects and themes that constitute the work of Erwin Würth are as diverse as nature itself, which provides him with the material and shapes for his pieces of art. The formative procedere always starts with an exact saw cut on a traditional horizontal frame saw, by which the final shape of the object ist brought forth. Surface treatment is exclusively done with oil or wax. Wether the picture is seen as detailed or abstract - in the end it is left to the imagination of the onlooker to find his or her own individual point of view in the dialogue with the respective piece of art.

The work of Erwin Würth displays the diverstiy of creation and is witness to the love of God, who created everything equally valuable. His personal religious belief is the source of the artist's creativity. In his objects made of wood, which is perishable material by nature, the srtist finds an aspect of God: In never-ending love He seeks and transforms everything that is lost and broken.


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