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Wood lover meets flotsam

Wood fascinated Erwin Würth even in his childhood. During a vacation in Denmark in 1991, the spark was ignited: pieces of wood washed up on the beach became works of art under his hands. Over the years, he has increasingly worked with local woods as well. The trained carpenter has perfected his craft over time and now works only with biological surface treatment. Discarded, seemingly useless things are given a new value, a new life in his studio.


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Open door

10 to 18

Open Day at HolzArt Atelier Würth
on 21 May 2023 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

This year's Open Day at the HolzArt Atelier is once again dedicated to the German-French friendship.
It has always been a matter of concern for the artist couple to cultivate relations with nearby Alsace. Artists from Alsace have been guests at numerous studio events in Petersbächel.
That is why Petra and Erwin Würth are taking the opportunity this year to participate in the official event of the two communities of Dahner Felsenland and Sauer-Pechelbronn with their Open Day: "RADELN GRENZENLOS - VELO SANS FRONTIERES".

A varied programme awaits the visitors.
 With Isabelle Keller and the Photoclub Dambach, two exhibitors from nearby Alsace could be won over. Isabelle Keller from Obersteinbach (F) will be exhibiting decorative workpieces and sculptures made of ceramics. She uses the raku technique, polishing, sulphating and smoke firing techniques.
The Dambach Photo Club (F) shows nature photographs by its members.

Modellbau Herbert Burkhart presents his sawmill in miniature. The model sawmill is a faithful replica of the Thomasser sawmill that once stood in Dahn-Reichenbach. Steam engine, conveyor belt, saw - everything works.

At around 11.00 a.m., the brass band "Bläsier in Dur" will be a guest. The band from the Germersheim district music association is known for its lively tunes.

At 3 p.m., the three comedians from the Dahner Valley will do the honours. Jürgen Nagel, Oliver Betzer and Christian Chini alias "de Jü, de Härdscht un de Chini" heat up the audience in the "Schorleschutzgebiet" with humour and music.

Erwin Würth shows his HolzArt in the exhibition, gives an insight into his various exhibition projects and shows interesting pieces of wood in their raw format.
Author Petra Würth will be on hand with several new publications, including a book on "Mourning for Mother or Father" or "Pearls of Tranquillity".

Dampfini" with original Palatinate steam noodles and the Müller wine house from Bornheim will be providing refreshments.